Working Remotely From Home Takes Discipline and Organization

Work remotely from home takes discipline and organization, so we are not distracted by work chores or personal requests. Communication, diligence and flexibility are also key attributes of an individual must make to work remotely as you would treat a position in the house. I created a guideline below (to develop your specific needs) to a person who has the chance to work at home:

  1. Your responsibilities to your employer (and you) to ensure your remote working is a success:
  • Do not work in a vacuum. It is important that you contact your superiors, colleagues and / or staff on a regular basis. Using videoconferencing for staff meetings and client calls; and e-mails and phone calls to touch individual basis. Daily contact is imperative, every few hours if necessary or to a level of comfort on both sides are satisfied.
  • Be upfront about expectations and if you have the resources to meet your guidelines.
  • To ask questions. Your questions, answers, and participation are even more essential while working remotely. Be proactive staff member proves that everyone involved “out of sight is not out of mind. “

2.Treat your remote working position like any office work:

  • Arrive on time and treat your working hours as such. The responsibility of your time is important, especially if your home office is new on the working distance to scene.
  • Be aware that depending on where are you must coordinate the meeting time to time your corporate or regional offices in the traditional work environment.
  • I can not stress enough that you need to set boundaries with family and friends that just because you work at home, you are not at their beckon call to lighten their load or just chat (ie , watching their children, etc.). Of course, a pleasant attitude in your discussion with them will go a long way in the respect of your time constraints.
  • On the downside because you are working remotely does not mean that you are available 24/7 to work.
  1. Stay abreast of changing technology and ever keep you informed, whether by your own company funded training funds. The essential elements for a fully operational office address:
  • Broadband Internet connection to.
  • VPN Connection to social or regional headquarters.
  • Set permissions for the database and access to appropriate staff members calendars, email, and documents.
  • Software compatible with the headquarters (ie Microsoft Office 2007).
  • Video conference.
  • The dedicated fax line. Yes, even with advances in technology, it is important to have.
  • Headset. It will save your neck during conference calls instead of cradle the receiver between your chin and shoulder.
  1. Office equipment:
  • Although the majority of work is done by the Internet and email, it is imperative to have the old items handy way: printing paper, envelopes and company letterhead, stamps , pens, pads, etc.
  • Federal Express account shipping and envelopes forms.

It is imperative from the start to explore the idea of ​​working remotely from your employer’s expectations and guidelines are clear and in writing. Add to the discussion the benefits your employer will gain test and / or allowing such a possibility that remote working. Addressing the concerns and benefits the start, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties concerned to work.

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